Monday, November 2, 2009

Copy Protect your DVD Videos with VideoWrite Software

Copy-protect your video content with the new VideoWrite software, included free, with Microboards CX-1, GX-2, or MX Series DVD/CD Publishers.

VideoWrite creates it’s copy protection by wrapping the video on the DVD in a protective file, that does not interfere with playback, but prevents common ripping software programs from accessing the video. This allows the owners and creators of the Video content to maximize their profit by preventing others from stealing their content, because only original DVDs will playback.

The software has been tested extensively by expert and independent test companies to assure reliable levels of protection, copying and ripping. VideoWrite has been tested for playback compatibility and is found to work with 99.88% of the U.S. install base of DVD players.

VideoWrite is available on a per-disc basis by using a USB key pre-loaded with licenses, which are available from Noble House. VideoWrite comes with ten free trial burns.

CX-1 is a heavy duty 100 Disc 1 DVD/CD Recorder Duplicator and Printer. The GX-2 is a low cost 50 Disc DVD/CD Duplicator and Printer. MX-2 is a heavy duty 100 Disc Two (2) DVD/CD Duplicator and Printer with individual Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink cartridges. All of the DVD/CD Publishers listed here can also be acquired with Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Recorders.


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